Day 37: Desperate Housewife

I’m stuck in my own skin,
I can’t even begin,
to tell you what lies within

This desperate housewife.

Who is wishing for a life,
that is free of pain and strife

for even with control,
she feels poison in her soul

A big fat cancerous mole

that keeps growing everyday
don’t matter how much she pray
or how much she willing to pay

it never goes away…

How did she end up with such routines
so boring and mundane?

How long must she go on pretending
that she is not insane?

Roll out of bed at the crack of dawn
to eat the same old shit

Contain herself every 28 days then
throws a bloody fit.

Where did all the flowers go?
The world was once exciting

Now it’s nothing but allergies that the
desperate housewife is fighting

Live in the past, you unfortunate bitch,
’cause moments you simply don’t treasure

Vanity and how you look to the world are the
only things worth measure

So if you die alone, without a friend
try not to be so shocked

That’s the price you’re willing to pay
for keeping your heart so locked…


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